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Misty Sunset

Abstract 133

Abstract 133

After a few months of not being able to paint due to back pain, I finally was able to paint something. The serene colors of early spring along the coast in Santa Monica are inspiring.



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Almost summer at the beach

Water 27 on 18×36 canvas

June gloom?

Summer is almost here as the crowds begin showing up at the beach, but this also means the sun light is brighter which creates lighter colors on the water. The layers of color from the summer sky contrast light and dark with shadows from life underneath the water’s surface.

In this painting, I tried working with several colors in each stroke you see on the darker, more texturized lower half. I started with a base color on the canvas, as well as a layer of texture. Three colors used on the base underneath the final painting included a dark purple on the bottom third, a medium shade of blue in the middle, and red on the top third of the canvas. The textured lower half of the final work includes a dozen different colors blended with a tool. In some strokes you can see four to five colors.

The top half of the painting was produced through combining a pouring method with the same texturing used on the lower half. The intent was to mimic a sky that has a swirling colorful cloud cover penetrated by sun. The summer afternoon with its puffy clouds becomes a mix as the sun begins to set and the marine layer moves in.

Some extra features in this painting include an iridescent/pearlescent tinting medium and some metallic mediums to give the water and sky a shimmer found in summer days. The dreamy quality of summer days makes me want to take a towel down the street to the beach for a little break from work. I usually get a little beach time before I begin work on a new painting. Many days what I see ends up influencing my work.

The play of color between water and sky is part of the vision for color here. This painting is also an effort to produce the effect of a wet rainbow on a canvas. Water is a darker shade, the sky is the lighter shade. Huntington Beach usually is locked in fog for most of June, but the first three days this June have been sunny for part of the day. It’s a taste of summer a little early… add a little watermelon and it definitely feels like July.

Thanks for stopping by to look at my work. I’m a little behind on posting pieces I’ve completed this past week or two, but sometimes it takes time to capture the work in a photograph. This one in particular was difficult because of its size and contrasting shades of color. I used natural lighting and a wall in the gallery where the light is less direct. The early evening fog helped to create the perfect lighting to capture the color and not be overwhelmed by the shimmer of mediums used.


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