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Centered on the Center: Huntington Beach Art Show

Annual Art Show February 1 to March 22

Golden West

Two works are on display at the Art Center in Huntington Beach. “Golden West” is a sunset over dog beach, inspired on a bike ride along the bike path on Pacific Coast Highway. A second work, “Sailing,” is also on display February 1 through March 22. To find out more about the show, go to the art center’s website at http://www.huntingtonbeachartcenter.org


11×14 Sold



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Translating designs in my head through paint and brush in hand



Trying to capture a vision

I often see designs in my head and try to capture them on paper or canvas as I did with this work. It’s a challenge to paint intricate designs with acrylic and a paint brush… it might be better done with a fine point pen (as I did during class when I was in school). I posted this painting horizontally but it could also be hung vertical. I chose these two colors to give the painting movement. Thanks for stopping by (-:

The piece inspired by underwater world images will be in the Free Spirit Show at The Art Center in Carpinteria from June 15-July 29. Opening reception is Saturday, June 15th from 5 to 7 pm … Free Spirit was juried by Karen Browdy. The Art Center is located at 855 Linden, Carpinteria, California. I dropped off a couple of pieces for the bin (pictured here)… hopefully, they won’t be too big!


16×20 Sold


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Environmental Influence: The Trees of Santa Monica



A Tree on Ocean Park

Santa Monica has some grand old trees in the park along Ocean Park. This one near the intersection of Santa Monica Boulevard and Ocean Park inspired my work posted here. The tree isn’t quite the mix of color I have here, but has a little more gray on it as if it is showing its age. This is the colorful version of the tree bark. I also have a black and white version that appears a little more rugged and aged: a tree with character.

Chocolate and caramel

I used a mix of warm colors in smooth strokes like a swirl of chocolate and caramel warmed by a little sun. There’s a mix of several colors on top of a black canvas. I actually haven’t put the finish on it, so the color will pop a little more after I do.

Environmental influence

Much of what I paint is inspired by the environment. I have walked past this tree at least a hundred times. Although I took a picture of it, I painted it from a mix of memory and emotion that thinking about the tree evoked. I do appreciate the way care has been taken to keep the trees along Ocean Park alive. I still remember the first time I saw this tree in 1999 while walking along Ocean Park with a friend. We stopped and talked about how grand a tree it was and I took a picture of it. Both the tree and my friend are still part of my life. It is easy to take the beautiful environment and the love of friends for granted, but here I am 13 years later thinking about how grand both the tree and my friend are …

This season

As the days grow short, and a little bit cold, I hope that we all find some warmth and that this brings peace. As the crowds scurry about looking for gifts and getting angry with long lines and traffic, I hope to spend some time with friends and maybe a few old trees before I head to Portugal.

Thank you …

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my work. I have people ask me often why I use WordPress instead of creating my own web page. I always tell them it’s because of the community. While my art is for sale, I hope that there also is a personal connection made in the process to the work. Art on your wall should be something you love to look at, something that evokes a feeling. If you are interested in any works here, you can contact me at trishfalin@gmail.com.


All work is copyrighted by me and is for sale. Please ask permission before using images posted here of my work. You can share the link, repost or share the post.


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