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Centered on the Center: Huntington Beach Art Show

Annual Art Show February 1 to March 22

Golden West

Two works are on display at the Art Center in Huntington Beach. “Golden West” is a sunset over dog beach, inspired on a bike ride along the bike path on Pacific Coast Highway. A second work, “Sailing,” is also on display February 1 through March 22. To find out more about the show, go to the art center’s website at


11×14 Sold



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Shores and Doors Art Show in Carpinteria

Goldenwest Street Water View

Water 28If you have every been to Huntington Beach, then you may be familiar with Dog Beach. It is near Goldenwest Avenue and the Pacific Coast Highway. I used to ride my bike along the beach path and stop there to enjoy the view. There’s a rocky face on the cliff overlooking the beach, which is beautiful in the evening at sunset. That view inspired this painting that is apart of the “Shores and Doors” art show at The Art Center or 855 Gallery at 855 Linden Avenue, Carpinteria, California. The show runs from August 1 to October 7 (which happens to be my birthday).
If you happen to be in the area, stop by and check out this gallery. All artwork is for sale there. If you haven’t been to Carpinteria before, you should stop to see it. It’s a cute little coastal town with interesting shops and restaurants.


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Rose garden of Santa Monica

Blooming southern California


Every now and then I end up painting flowers… I am more of an abstract artist but I am inspired by the beauty of flowers around me here in Southern California. The other night Liz and I walked down to Palisades Park to smell the roses in the dark. Even in the low light of street lamps, I was able to take a beautiful photograph of a white rose. The rose garden is in memory of Arcadia Bandini de Baker. You can find many different colors of roses in the park. Some smell sweet, some smell spicy, and some really don’t have much of a scent.

This painting was meant to be whimsical and the flower, which is a lily is based on an old pattern. My mom loved the white lily while I am more a fan of the stargazer lily. So I’m posting lilies today on Mother’s Day. I hope those who have a mom in their life spend a little time saying thanks. We all wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for our mom.

Thanks for stopping by!


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Fogged in during the last days of winter

Days of fog …

Abstract Art 0315-13-2


Santa Monica has been soaked in fog for so many days I’ve lost count. I have been continuing to work on some abstracts that were influenced by my trip to Portugal. I am posting a couple here that are hanging in an office now. The larger piece took some weeks to complete. I layered paint on it to resemble the way paint is layered on walls in Los Angeles. I often see squares painted over concrete to cover graffiti. The layers start to peel after time, weathered by sun and the moist film left after fog settles in for a night.

Sun bleached tiles

The second painting, the smaller of the two, is a bit creamier, like sun bleached tile near the beach. I’m not sure exactly where I have seen this, but it may have actually been inland Mexico in Cuernavaca. I remember someone saying that Cuernavaca is a city of walls.


To me, walls represented the separateness that plagues communities. Walls keep neighbors from knowing each other, although Robert Frost wrote that “Good fences make good neighbors” in the poem Mending Wall. However, it isn’t Frost’s words, the saying is a 17th century proverb. Frost though ruminates on walls: “Before I built a wall I’d ask to know / What I was walling in or walling out / And to whom I was like to give offense.” I wrote a poem after the visit to Cuernavaca, reflecting on the walled in residents of the city and how it feels to be walled in. It was published in an online at

Walls as art

This work is an attempt to turn the walls I see every day into an inspiration. If you drive around Los Angeles, walls take on various meanings depending on the materials used to create the wall, how its aged and weathered, and what people have added to it.

Walling in or walling out

I had the fortunate experience to live in a neighborhood without fences for a few years. I can remember walking to school through yards. I knew all my neighbors – good or bad – they knew me, too. There was a sense of freedom when I lived without fences and could run through the neighborhood to the park, school or a friend’s house. In spite of the feeling of separateness that a wall can invoke, there are some interesting and even beautiful walls. The second painting makes me think of a beach side wall, creamy colored, but sun bleached – maybe close to a hot tub.


18×36 Sold

Spring finally did show up

The first day of spring passed and I am flying into autumn with a trip to New Zealand and Australia. I am looking forward to seeing new places, new art, and meeting new people. Look for some new stuff when I return.

Thank you

As always, my work is for sale and you can contact me at if you are interested. All work is copyrighted, and can be used under the Fair Use guidelines (not for profit). If you share this web page, let me know. Thank you for stopping by …


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Texturizing water and sky in acrylic paint


Got Color?

The spread of color in texture gives the water depth, although it’s hard to capture all that color in a photograph. I had intended to write about this painting earlier this week but I have been distracted by life. I will be moving my studio during the next three weeks to somewhere in Los Angeles. So, I’m not going to say a lot about this painting … I’ll just post it and get busy with the details of moving.


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Almost summer at the beach

Water 27 on 18×36 canvas

June gloom?

Summer is almost here as the crowds begin showing up at the beach, but this also means the sun light is brighter which creates lighter colors on the water. The layers of color from the summer sky contrast light and dark with shadows from life underneath the water’s surface.

In this painting, I tried working with several colors in each stroke you see on the darker, more texturized lower half. I started with a base color on the canvas, as well as a layer of texture. Three colors used on the base underneath the final painting included a dark purple on the bottom third, a medium shade of blue in the middle, and red on the top third of the canvas. The textured lower half of the final work includes a dozen different colors blended with a tool. In some strokes you can see four to five colors.

The top half of the painting was produced through combining a pouring method with the same texturing used on the lower half. The intent was to mimic a sky that has a swirling colorful cloud cover penetrated by sun. The summer afternoon with its puffy clouds becomes a mix as the sun begins to set and the marine layer moves in.

Some extra features in this painting include an iridescent/pearlescent tinting medium and some metallic mediums to give the water and sky a shimmer found in summer days. The dreamy quality of summer days makes me want to take a towel down the street to the beach for a little break from work. I usually get a little beach time before I begin work on a new painting. Many days what I see ends up influencing my work.

The play of color between water and sky is part of the vision for color here. This painting is also an effort to produce the effect of a wet rainbow on a canvas. Water is a darker shade, the sky is the lighter shade. Huntington Beach usually is locked in fog for most of June, but the first three days this June have been sunny for part of the day. It’s a taste of summer a little early… add a little watermelon and it definitely feels like July.

Thanks for stopping by to look at my work. I’m a little behind on posting pieces I’ve completed this past week or two, but sometimes it takes time to capture the work in a photograph. This one in particular was difficult because of its size and contrasting shades of color. I used natural lighting and a wall in the gallery where the light is less direct. The early evening fog helped to create the perfect lighting to capture the color and not be overwhelmed by the shimmer of mediums used.


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Glass beads in sky

11×14 – Sold

The water is a mix of a few colors spread with a tool in smooth long strokes while the sky is a choppy mix of color resembling a turbulent, windy day. I mixed glass beads into the sky to enhance already chaotic clouds. A little sun peeks through.


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