End of Summer Color

This time of year, the sky takes on different hues that feel more urgent in their brilliance. The rush to capture a sunset on canvas seems more purposeful to me. I was born at the beginning of the fall in October. The last days leading up to my birthday always seem more compelling. I find myself swooning at the view while standing at the fence a few feet from the cliff edge in Palisades Park, Santa Monica. If you haven’t been to this fence to take in a sunset, it’s hard to imagine the layers of colors and the intensity in the last days of summer and the beginning of fall.





Filed under Art, art for sale, environment, impasto, landscape, Los Angeles, ocean, paintings, Santa Monica

4 responses to “End of Summer Color

  1. Gorgeous piece, Trish. I hope to sometime see your work, in-person! I’ve made it out as far west as Phoenix, so who knows? I would love to blog about some California sunshine (and painters!) Congrats also on your recent showing.

  2. Hi Trish, The view has inspired a beautiful painting full of colour and intensity.

  3. Love the colors to lead us into fall.

  4. Alethea Eason

    This is so beautiful. Thank you for liking The Heron’s Path. I love your work. I love art but I’m a real amateur (in a good meaning of the word). But you are truly gifted.

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